Kestrel Labs, Inc. is a medical electronics company dedicated to the research, development, and commercialization of valuable, new, and innovative technologies. The Company was founded out of a desire to solve major challenges in the field of pulse oximetry. In pursuit of its goals, the Company has received funding from multiple NIH research grants. The Kestrel Labs team brings together many decades of experience in the medical device industry and includes one of the original members of BIOX, the company that developed the first commercially-viable pulse oximeter.

Technology Focus

Kestrel Labs' internal work focuses on extending photoplethysmography (the science behind pulse oximetry) to the measurement of additional blood analytes and hemodynamic parameters. This noninvasive and continuous medical monitoring technique holds the promise of a new generation of diagnostic devices, helping to bring central laboratory analyzer functionality to the point of care, whether it be the hospital bedside, a physician's office, or settings outside the conventional healthcare environment.

With a comprehensive background in bringing concepts from the research phase through to commercialization, Kestrel Labs also provides research and development services, contract engineering, medical device testing, and project management consulting to the medical device community. Areas of focus include research, design, and development work in noninvasive vital signs monitoring, in vitro investigation and testing of monitoring and diagnostics concepts, and clinical testing of device prototypes.

Strategy and Expertise

Kestrel Labs' core competencies include the application of precision monochromatic light sources to blood analyte measurement and analysis. Specific fields of expertise include photoplethysmography, tissue optics, low-noise/high-gain/ultra-high-resolution sensing, and opto-electro-mechanical design for manufacturability (DFM). All work at Kestrel Labs is performed in a systematic manner under an EN 13485 compliant Quality Management System. This ensures complete and accurate documentation of all product development plans, design processes, and output designs. With extensive experience in medical product development, Kestrel Labs, Inc. is a unique, highly skilled, and highly productive workplace.

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