Advanced Laser-Based Pulse Oximetry
Kestrel Labs has developed a breakthrough medical monitor that vastly expands the measurement capabilities of conventional pulse oximetry and provides clinicians with a powerful new tool for rapid diagnosis and treatment. This new product is based on a patented laser-based technology that has the potential to replace conventional, LED-based pulse oximetry in all of its current markets and open entirely new markets in which current pulse oximetry technology is too limited to be of value. Its successful market introduction could help Kestrel Labs, its partners, and its licensees capture a dominant share of the existing worldwide market for pulse oximetry products, as well as accelerate the replacement of the current installed base of pulse oximeters.

Product Development Status
Since the Company’s inception, the team at Kestrel Labs has been developing, designing, testing, and refining a succession of engineering prototypes that validate the performance of its advanced oximetry technology. Kestrel Labs is currently completing its “flagship” commercial product.

Note: Kestrel Labs’ new monitor is being developed under an ISO- and FDA-compliant Quality Management System. It does not yet have FDA 510(k) clearance for its marketing and sale and is currently not available to customers.

A Platform for Future Products
Kestrel Labs’ laser-based opto-electronics platform is a significant advancement in photoplethysmography, the science behind pulse oximetry measurements. This platform opens the door to a series of new products that take advantage of the unique properties of laser light for measuring parameters and analytes that were previously impossible to differentiate with the broadband LED-based light sources used in conventional pulse oximetry.